Photo Mechanic® is already fast, and Photo Mechanic 6 is the fastest tool yet for hitting all your deadlines. Here are just a few of the new features in store when Photo Mechanic is released on March 25, 2019. The price for a new license will be US$139 and the price for eligible upgrades will be US $89. We’ll have lots more to share as we get closer to release date, so follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or subscribe to our newsletter to always get the latest.

  • 64-Bit Compatibility

    Photo Mechanic 6 has been rewritten to be fully compatible with the latest operating systems, ensuring you won't be left behind by OS updates

  • Improved UI

    We've listened to our users and streamlined the interface to be more intuitive and compact, all in the service of helping you work faster

  • Faster caching and display

    Speed is the name of the name of the game, and Photo Mechanic 6 is even faster at displaying thumbnails -- 2 to 3 times faster! and helping you get through that grueling cull faster than ever

  • Ingest From Selection

    One of the most requested features from users is now standard in Photo Mechanic 6: The ability to pick exactly what files get ingested from your memory card. Why did we do this? If you guessed that we did it to help make you faster, well... you're quick!