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Want to learn more about Photo Mechanic?

Our tutorials can help!  Our tutorials can help with basics such as installation, or more advanced features such as watermarking and applying GPS. Follow the Camera Bits YouTube Channel to see them all!

    Getting Started

    Introduction to Photo Mechanic

    Installing and Activating

    Photo Mechanic Installation for Windows

    Install Photo Mechanic Version 5 on OS X

    Manually Activating Photo MechanicM/h4>

    Deactivating your Photo Mechanic License

    Using Photo Mechanic

    These tutorials walk you through the main features of Photo Mechanic Version 5.

    Understanding Ingest, Preview and Export

    See your Lightroom CC Edits in Photo Mechanic

    Preview, Export to Lightroom, and View Changes in Photo Mechanic

    How to Search and Upload to a Web Gallery

    Explore Code Replacement, Variables, and FTP

    A Deeper Look at Ingest in Photo Mechanic

    Learn Basic Code Replacement in Photo Mechanic

    Browse iPhone photos with Photo Mechanic

    Copy keywords from one set of images to another with Photo Mechanic

    Photo Mechanic to Lightroom on Windows

    From the Archives

    These tutorials are for Photo Mechanic Version 4, but much of their information can still help you with specific features.

    Helping Your Workflow


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