Photo Mechanicâ„¢ Version History

Below is a list of changes made to Photo Mechanic for Version, released November 19, 2009.

This version is available as a free update for registrations good through February 2009.

  • Improved support for the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV model.
  • Fixed problems with soft crops in RAW files not showing correctly, primarily with DNG files that have a cropped preview generated by DNG Converter and Nikon NEF files saved by Capture NX 2 with a rotation or crop applied.
  • RAW files with existing Photo Mechanic end-of-file preferences will be updated as necessary regardless of setting to "Allow RAW (non-DNG) files to be modified" (so that the existing data doesn't become "stale").
  • Fixed a bug in the Save As dialog where the root save folder path wasn't being saved and restored properly in the preferences.
  • (Win) Tag/Rating/Color Class advance to next photo in Preview window now works properly and updates the info text and histogram.
  • (Win) Fixed Arrangements issue when reusing Contact Sheet tabs.
  • (Mac) Loupe tool now works for RAW files that contain no embedded JPEG preview as long as ImageIO supports them.
  • (Mac) Fixed Tooltip "ghosting" issue.

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