Photo Mechanicâ„¢ Version History

Below is a list of changes made to Photo Mechanic for Version, released February 29, 2008.

This version is available as a free update for registrations good through March 2007.

  • (Mac) Added support for as-shot RAW rendering using ImageIO on Mac OS X 10.5.2 for the Canon 1Ds Mark III and Powershot G9, Nikon D3 and D300, and Sony DSLR-A700.
  • Improved speed of parsing IPTC/XMP metadata containing numerous keywords.
  • Optimized loading of IPTC/XMP metadata for large TIFF files.
  • (Mac) Improved the speed of Navigator updating especially for network volumes.
  • Send Photos via Email can now optionally preserve Exif data on emailed images.
  • The FTP command no longer clears XMP-only fields on saved-as photos.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 4.5.3 with updating the TIFF rotation tag on some RAW formats.
  • Fixed the formatting of the exposure time Exif tag for exposures longer than 1 second when creating Exif data (e.g. extracting JPEG previews, save-as).
  • The Apply checkboxes in the IPTC Stationery Pad dialog are now automatically checked when using the popup menu lists to the right of each field.
  • Changing the setting for viewing unknown files as proxies now takes effect immediately.
  • The IPTC date can now go back to dates several hundred years in the past.
  • The Select Date Range dialog can now select dates further in the past.
  • (Mac) Automatic closing of contact sheet tab when a volume is un-mounted now waits until all modal dialogs have closed.
  • (Mac) Fixed Leopard-related problem that occurred when using Spaces while a modal dialog was active in Photo Mechanic.
  • (Mac) Printing Proofs and Contact Sheets while using the new preview capability in the Leopard print job dialog no longer causes the {page} variable to get out of sync.
  • (Mac) Fixed problem where the custom desktop icon could vanish when updating IPTC in PSD files or when copying JPEG files while embedding IPTC or ICC profiles.
  • (Win) The Preview window no longer flips the image when viewing the bottom-left corner of the image while zoomed-in at 100% or greater.

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