Camera Bits, Inc.

Photo Mechanic's Ingest utility is one of its core components.

Streamline and speed up your copying process while utilizing Photo Mechanic's many options to personalize and organize your images to your own specifications.

PM5 Ingest Dialog screenshot

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  • Photo Mechanic’s Ingest utility can copy the files from several flash cards simultaneously, flatten the directory structure of the card or cards, rename the files, add IPTC information, and make a mirrored backup folder — all in one step!
  • Open Photo Mechanic’s Contact Sheet during ingest and start editing your files immediately.  There is no more having to wait until the copy process is complete.
  • Use Photo Mechanic’s innovative Variables and Code Replacments to customize your file naming to your specific needs.
PM5 Live Ingest Dialog screenshot

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  • Use Photo Mechanic’s Live Ingest  to monitor one or more paths for new files and ingest them as they appear.   Great for tethered or remote cameras.
  • Keep multiple Live Ingests active at the same time, and quickly copy photos to  as many as three separate locations.
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