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Since 1998, professional photographers have chosen Photo Mechanic to be the first step in their workflow.

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Photo Mechanic’s Ingest utility is one of its core components. Streamline and speed up your copying process while utilizing Photo Mechanic’s many options to personalize and organize your images to your own specifications. Copy files from several flash cards simultaneously, flatten the directory structure, rename the files, add IPTC information, and make a mirrored backup folder — all in one step! Copy images to one or more destination folders using Photo Mechanic’s Live Ingest, while shooting wirelessly or tethered.


Editing your photos in Photo Mechanic is a snap!  Quickly edit your photos utilizing the many functions Photo Mechanic contains, personalized to your needs.  Quickly rotate, preview, copy, delete, tag, watermark, rename, resize, set GPS coordinates, and add IPTC metadata to photos both individually and in batches.  Adjust capture dates and times, change a files resolution, or embed an ICC profile into your JPEGs. View and compare images side by side both horizontally and vertically.


Exporting photos your way is easy with Photo Mechanic.  You can create web galleries, print contact sheets, send photos to your clients via email, or archive your images by burning them to CDs or DVDs. Upload your images via FTP, SFTP, and to a a variety of popular online services.

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